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Partners Network

From its founding in 1984, Daniel Research Group has collaborated with other consultants and market research firms in order to assemble the most knowledgeable and experienced teams working with the best data available for our clients. We partner with individuals and organizations that are more focused on their craft than on the intrusive managerial tasks that larger hierarchical organizations require. Our collaborating consultants have made the choice to invest in their own vision and approaches that meet customer needs rather then adopt practices that are optimized for corporate goals. The emergence of web-based business networking has made this approach even more efficient.

Daniel Research Group continually monitors the Technology Market Research landscape and maintains a contact database of close to 600 firms and 6,000 individual consultants and analysts. We have established working relations with close to 80 of these firms and consultants covering the entire spectrum of technologies, products, services, markets, industries and geographies. This enables us to rapidly assemble a team whose core competencies exactly match the engagement requirements.

Our clients benefit from this collaborative approach in three ways:

Talent - Best-of-Breed - Our network of technology, market and methodology consultants is larger than that any of the major market research firms. This access to proven experts allows us to find and assemble teams that are custom built specifically for each engagement.

Responsiveness - We thrive on urgency. Unlike hierarchical organizations we are have no scale constraints. We do not overload our consultant to accommodate new business. This allows us to commit to shorter project schedules that meet all timeline milestones.

Cost - Affordability - As a network of collaborating consultants, we do not have to support a fixed massive tangible and organizational infrastructure. This advantage allows us to be far more cost competitive than larger hierarchical organizations.

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