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Understanding the Future

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Understanding The Future

For three decades Daniel Research Group has provided custom built Forecasts & Market Models for clients in the technology sector.

Our success in designing and developing market models with superior descriptive, predictive, and causative properties derives from two core competencies. The first is Our Approach to the process of model building, while the second is our inventory of proprietary Solutions that uniquely address many of the common, yet complex, challenges in model construction.

We support our market modeling engagements with traditional Market Research Services including surveys, in-depth interviews, Focus Groups, and secondary research, as well as partnering with other technology consultants and market research firms.


We also offer three Consulting Programs that go beyond basic data and model deliverables:

Model Enabled Consulting: Leverages a custom built forecast and market model by providing tactical or strategic actionable recommendations.

Model Design, Development, and Management: For clients that need to build, modify, or improve their own in-house forecast and market modeling capabilities.

Market Opportunity and Requiremets Evaluation M.O.R.E.: Guides clients in the selection of appropriate market research methodologies to address specific research objectives

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