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Market Opportunity and Requirements Evaluation M.O.R.E.

Guides clients in the selection of appropriate market research methodologies to address specific needs.

While most of our clients' research objectives support tactical decisions such as allocating and focusing marketing resources, more strategic decisions relating to product development and market opportunities can be addressed utilizing our M.O.R.E. methodology. These research objectives take the form of some combination of the following eight fundamental market research questions:

  • What is the market size?
  • How fast is it growing?
  • How is it segmented?
  • Who is the competition (companies)?
  • What is the competition (products and services)?
  • What are the user trends driving the market?
  • What are the technology trends driving the market?
  • How is the buying process structured?
  • What are the steps?
    1. Who makes the decisions?
    2. Who else influences?
    3. What are the issues and concerns?
    4. How is information sought and obtained?

Daniel Research Group applies data and information gathering methodologies and analysis tools and techniques that address each of these fundamental questions across the full spectrum of platforms, peripherals, software, services and markets. M.O.R.E. is a structured data and information gathering and analysis process that examines:

  • The full spectrum of skills, capabilities and resources that can be brought to market.
  • What the competition can bring to the market and
  • What the market demands.

The objective of this process is to identify opportunities that satisfy three criteria:

  • Attainable, utilizing the client's existing or extended (via acquisition, hires or alliances) resources.
  • Satisfies market requirements
  • Able to prevail against expected competition.
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