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Model Enabled Consulting

Leverages a custom built forecast and market model by providing tactical or strategic actionable recommendations.

In addition to working directly with technology vendors, Daniel Research Group has forged strategic partnerships with major technology market research firms in the area of Forecasting, Market Segmentation Studies and Market Share Tracking. Many of these engagements support custom market research projects on behalf of their major clients, including IBM, Microsoft, AT&T and Verizon. In the typical engagement, the primary market research firm provides the base data and analysts’ expertise, while Daniel Research Group contributes the design, development and execution of the process, models and tools that produce the client deliverables.

Our success in providing these services to our partners for three decades is based upon an understanding of the problems and solutions common to Model Enabled Consulting specific to technology sector. We bring to each engagement knowledge and expertise covering a unique set of domains including:

  • Forecasting methodologies as applied to the technology sectors.
  • Knowledge of both legacy and emerging technologies.
  • An understanding of the historical and current trends in the business and consumer markets.
  • Applied mathematics and statistical methods and tools.
  • The spreadsheets, databases and coding tools used to build the models.
  • An awareness of the practices, processes and cultures of the companies and people whom we work with.

Over the years we have encountered, understood and solved many of the more difficult yet common problems in creating custom forecast, segmentation models and tracking systems, and have developed an extensive inventory of proprietary methods and tools that can be utilized and adapted to almost any modeling challenge. These tools and methods address project scope management issues as well as computational problems. We strive to build modeling tools and processes that are not only powerful and adaptable but are also intuitive and understandable.

We work with clients under any of the following engagement modes:

  • Traditional - We design, develop and execute the models and processes and deliver data to you.
  • Collaborative - We design and develop the models and processes and deliver them to you for your use.
  • Mentoring - We provide training and consulting that teach you how to design and develop the forecast market models and processes.
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