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Understanding the Future

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The Times are a-Changin'367.547/4/2011DownloadWhy technology markets are changing.
The Collaborateve Modeling Process.394.477/17/2011DownloadHow Model Builders and Knowledge Analysts work together to build forecast market model.
The Logic of Growth and Limits to Growth449.557/17/2011DownloadWhy the technology adoption curve has the shape it has
The Mathematics of Growth and Limits to Growth285.087/17/2011DownloadWhy the technology adoption equation has the form it has.
Understanding the Future - Dedication and Introduction579.968/18/2012DownloadPurpose and Focus of the Book
Understanding the Future - Chapter 1 - The Nature of Technology Markets553.848/18/2012DownloadWhat makes technology markets unique.
Understanding the Future - Chapter 2 - Forecast Producers and Users564.418/18/2012DownloadWho creates technology market forecasts, who uses them, and why.
Understanding the Future - Cha[ter 3 - Technology Forecasting Approaches683.128/18/2012DownloadAn overview of forecasting approaches.
Forecasting Technology Markets - Top Five Challenges261.458/18/2012DownloadForecasting Technology Markets - Challenges and Solution
The Technology Buying Process593.438/20/2012DownloadThe steps leading to the purchasing decison
DRG Professional Practice and Core Competencies171.959/29/2013DownloadWhat we do, How we do it, How you benefit
DRG Equilibrium Forecasting Approach645.189/29/2013DownloadA better way of forecasting End-User Technology Produces and Markets
Why Everyone Got The Tablet Market Wrong396.438/24/2015DownloadNot Everyone Needs A Tablet
The Best Market Sizing and Forecasting Methodology and Application Ever Built227.578/24/2015DownloadPowerful and Easy to Use
EQS Fact Sheet389.799/19/2016DownloadEquilibriumSolver Specifications and Capabilities
An Equilibrium Approach to Forecasting Technology Products and Markets645.189/19/2016DownloadEquilibriumSolver Methodology and Application
How Big is Your Markt, How Fast is It Growing?6,779.344/12/2019DownloadReport - Business Economic Demographic Data by Industry and Size Class, 2013-2023
DRG Fact Sheet: US Business Economic Demographic Database, September 2019625.839/18/2019DownloadFact Sheet Firms, Establishments, Employees, Payroll by Sector, Industry, Company Size, 1998-2026, Updated September 2019
US Personal Device History and Forecast 19Q3 Report7,454.4112/6/2019DownloadPCs, Tablets, and Mobile Phones - 1975-2023, Updated November 2019
US Personal Device History and Forecast 19Q3 Database8,447.4912/6/2019DownloadUS PCs, Tablets, and Mobile Phones - 1975 -2023, Database, Updated November 2019
How Has the Covid 19 Shock Changed Your Total Available Market6,562.275/14/2020DownloadForecast of the US Economy during the Covid 19 Recession and Recovery 2020 - 2024
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