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Forecasts and Market Models

For 25 over years Daniel Research Group has worked with clients in the technology sector helping them gain a better understanding of the issues and trends influencing their decision making process by designing and developing Market Models and Forecasts. Much of this work has been in collaboration with client analysts, or with other consultants and market research firms who contribute market and technology expertise, knowledge, and insights. Our Approach to each design, development and implementation engagement is guided by three core concepts: Context, Collaboration, and Clarity.

All of our custom model building engagements start with an implementation of our slogan, Understanding the Future. In order to gain that understanding, it is first necessary to identifying and defining the causal influences driving or constraining the market, as well as the logical relationship of those causal influences to the model output metrics. Once this task had been completed, decisions as to which forecasting methods are most appropriate may be made.

Daniel Research Group employs a wide range of Traditional quantitative forecasting methodologies, as well as proprietary Solutions and methods that address both common and advanced technology market forecast challenges.

We offer clients three types of client engagements according to the nature of the primary deliverables.


1.   Market Modeling and Forecasting Applications – We design, develop and deliver a custom market sizing and forecasting application that the client will subsequently use.  These applications may be for a specific product, service, or market, or a generic application suitable to model and forecast a range of products, service, or markets.


2.   Market Size and Forecast – Working independently, or in collaboration with client or partner analysts, we design and conduct primary and secondary research that supports the design and development of a forecasting application.  The output is delivered to the client in report and database form.


3.   Education and Training – We deliver education and training that provides the clients staff and management with the knowledge necessary to build their own forecasting applications utilizing both traditional and common forecasting methodologies, as well as the Daniel Research Group proprietary Solutions.

In addition to Market Sizing and Forecasting Daniel Research Group has designed and developed Return on Investment (ROI), Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and Vendor/Product Market Share (Tracker) applications for many clients.


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