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Ralph Finos, Ralph Finos Consulting

Formerly Vice President of Custom Consulting at IDC

"While I was with IDC, Steve and I worked on many projects together involving new product assessment and feature/function requirements for F500 IT hardware and software companies. In these projects, we utilized a variety of survey and focus group techniques to provide findings and recommendations - enabling IDC's customers to move forward with product planning decisions. In addition, Steve and I worked on market forecast, segmentation, and market share analysis projects together where his exceptional math and programming abilities helped make these projects a success for IDC's clients."

Scott McLarnon, Group VP IDC

"Steve works with our project teams to design, build and maintain many of the tools used by our analysts to create custom market analyses for our clients. He plays a key role in our most important projects, and is often on the critical path for timely turnaround on demanding work plans. We count on Steve's skills, his understanding of our needs, and his on-time performance."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, On Time
Hired Stephen as a Business Consultant in 1995, and hired Stephen more than once.

James McBurney, Managing Partner - Strategic Reports

Former Director of Advanced Market Planning at Zitel Corporation

"Steve Daniel always provided the most high quality focus groups to Zitel Corporation where I worked as his hiring manager for many years. His focus group analysis was very insightful and not cluttered with client politics - just the facts. Steve also worked with the IDC custom research groups on many competitive research projects. In addition Steve's models of buyer behavior and market segmentation are not only insightful but useful in the real world of competitive research driven marketing."

Christine Arrington, Principal & Senior Analyst - Acacia Research Group

"Acacia Research Group engaged Daniel Research Group to create an in-depth view of the market for 3D visualization, simulation, & training technology. Acacia needed a powerful set of tools to expand the market view of an existing forecast model. The existing model forecast spending by each product category (software, hardware, and services) and each region (Asia, Europe, North America, & RoW). However, what Acacia needed was a view of the spending on each product in each region. The choice was to rebuild the entire model with a decade worth of data, or find a tool set which could use the existing model and create a more detailed forecast. With Daniel Research Group’s ability to customize its SegmentSolver and MatrixSolver to extract from Acacia’s existing model we were able to spend our time expanding our forecast products rather than rebuilding what we already had. Daniel Research Group saved Acacia precious time while allowing use to create new publications which helped expand our market."

John Farrell, President, Intelligent Management Trends

"Steve Daniel provides a valuable blend of technology market knowledge, quantitative thinking, and logical information collection which produces well-structured research results for direct use in business planning. He has supported me on business consulting engagements in the IT market for many years providing his expertise in focus group management, data collection, database development, and analysis. While others may gloss over data quality and confidence issues, these are core principles for Steve's research approach."

Sue Sudan, President, Marketing Data Group LLL

"I have worked with Steve Daniel for 20+ years on a wide variety of projects which typically include primary research and focus group engagements. Steve's methodology, knowledge and expertise span many technologies, and industries. He is an outstanding research professional who is easy to both communicate and work with. I highly recommend him."

Cushing Anderson, Program Vice President, Consulting, System Integration, HR and Learning Services, IDC

"Stephen has helped us develop financial models and high value analytical tools. I have found Stephen to be exceptionally well prepared with a strong focus on the details. Many of our projects involve rapid turn-around, and Stephen is responsive and conscientious to our needs. I look forward to working with Stephen again. Top qualities: Great Results, On Time, High Integrity. Hired Stephen as a IT Consultant in 2002, and hired Stephen more than once."

Bill Manning, Consulting Director at IDC

"Stephen is expert at developing spreadsheet models and tools. His work is complex, yet readily accessible to the user. He responds quickly to questions and suggestions. He respects deadlines. Stephen is a true professional."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative
Hired Stephen as a IT Consultant in 1996, and hired Stephen more than once.

Peter Miller, Owner, DocuSerf, Inc.

"The above attributes say it all! They only let me select three, but he is also creative, finishes work on time every time and is a pleasure to work with."

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
Hired Stephen as a Business Consultant in 2005 and hired Stephen more than once.

Joseph M. Doering, Vice President, Porter and Chester Institute

"Porter and Chester Institute has consulted with Daniel Research Group for demographic studies that were used to establish new locations. Each time the work was done well and at very reasonable prices. Porter and Chester is very satisfied with the results of the research done by Steve Daniels. We highly recommend Steve and his organization for any type of similar work. They are efficient, accurate, and their pricing is very affordable."

Michael R. Blumberg, CMC, President, Blumberg Advisory Group, Inc.

"I enjoyed the opportunity to work with Daniel Research Group.  Steve Daniel is an absolute wizard in his field.  He helped us build a very sophisticated model for forecasting the size and rate of the growth of the Reverse Logistics Market.  He put in place a model that is very flexible and easy to use.   As a result, we will be able to save a significant amount of time and money it takes to build, update, and maintain our market analysis.   I was also impressed by the attention to detail that Steve provided in terms ensuring we had the most accurate and precise data available to populate our model.

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