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Stephen J. Daniel, Founder and President

Mr. Daniel’s three decades in the technology sector have given him a unique blend of market and technology experience coupled, with a deep understanding of market research methodology. As founder and President of Daniel Research Group, he designs and executes market research projects and implements marketing strategies and tactics, which meet client research objectives on schedule and at reasonable costs. His unique expertise is in understanding the decision making context within which the results of his research will be applied.

After receiving his BS in Finance  from Northeastern University, Mr. Daniel earned an MBA in Quantitative Analysis from New York University.  He has taught Finance and Computer Science courses at several colleges in the Boston area, including the Graduate School of Business Administration of Babson College.  Mr. Daniel began his professional career in the banking and investment analysis area with Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company, and subsequently with the Prudential Insurance Company of America. He entered the technology sector, joining Inforex, Inc., where he held the position of Financial Auditor to the Board of Directors.

Mr. Daniel joined Data General Corporation as the Investor Relations Manager, responsible for communications with the financial and investment communities. Subsequently he assumed the responsibility for business planning and market research activities for the firm’s General Distribution Division, which was tasked with developing and marketing entry level systems for the small and medium sized business market. Mr. Daniel then assumed these same responsibilities for Data General’s Information Systems Division, which was actively, engaged in penetrating Fortune 1000 accounts with medium scale systems.

Mr. Daniel entered the consulting field with the founding of Daniel Research Group. Since its inception, he has designed, managed and executed more than 400 market research projects for more than 130 technology clients. Much of Mr. Daniel’s Qualitative (Focus Groups) and Quantitative (Forecasts, Segmentation Models) work has been in collaboration with other technology market research firms, such as IDC, for the benefit of their major clients including IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon and SAP.

Mr. Daniel’s contribution to these projects included the development of proprietary solutions, processes and methods such as GrowthSolver, SegmentSolver, MatrixSolver, ShareSolver and InstalledBaseSolver that solve many of the most difficult forecast and market segmentation problems. In addition, he has created innovative and elegant design approaches for business and consumer focus groups Focus/IT as well as a general strategic planning methodology M.O.R.E.. Mr. Daniel current research has led to the development of a new theory of innovation adoption and its implementation in the Daniel Individual Adoption Model DIAM.

Mr. Daniel is a member of the American Statistical Association, The Market Research Association of America, the American Marketing Association  the American Economics Association, the National Association for Business Economics, and the Qualitative Research Association of America.


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